Aura Deep Seating

Deze reeks modulaire diepe zitmeubels is verkrijgbaar in drie aantrekkelijke kleurstellingen. Het frame is van gepoedercoat aluminium met de gewatteerde rug en armen bekleed met Textilene®.

Verkrijgbaar in één-, twee- en driezitsmodules maakt elke gewenste zitconfiguratie mogelijk.

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The GARDEN AMBIANCE, and delivers these to the highest level. If you are looking for to your furniture with the best comfort, best in style and great room? Garden city, since 2005, is the official seller of premium brands.

All of the pieces of furniture that are carefully selected and finished products to ensure that it can withstand the toughest conditions. Each one of them is a luxury furniture, which is a life-long last a long time.
The products are always free of charge supplied and fitted, so that you can enjoy your beautiful garden or on the terrace.


Take your garden to print with fabulous accessories are of the highest quality. Any accessories may be out of stock.

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